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Ayer Keroh Country Resort your last place to stay while in Melaka.

June 29, 2011 - 1:58 am No Comments

Salam and hi to all,

Back again with another info of another vacation that we had. This time around, we did go far…far…and very far away…. to Ayer Keroh Country Resort at Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia (and we stay at Durian Tunggal, Melaka) hehehhe. This vacation sponsored by Tourism Malaysia Melaka after I was lucky enough to get the lucky draw during Tourism Malaysia Melaka Appreciation nite at Phelia Resort last year. As Melaka is already known as a most attractive state for vacation and lots of tourism visiting Melaka every day, I was thinking for a long time ago to actually “visiting Melaka for vacation” and this is what I was looking for.


We start with the hotel where we stay… Ayer Keroh Country Resort, Getting Close to nature was located at Ayer Keroh, few KM from the Tol Ayer Keroh and very easy to find. The hotel just ok, the room old…but ok..they still renovate the rooms as what I’ve told…the staff is good..the food also good…the pool..just BAD! If you stay there…try to avoid from getting closer to the poolside…or just assume this hotel dont have any pool as they dont keep it clean enough for human to swim in it. Out of 10 star, i give 5.5 star only. Tq. For more details of this hotel, visit their website at [here]


So, after we check in,we rest a while, then we go to Jabatan Imigresen Negara as we plan to apply a passport for our next vacation on Mei.  After settle with the registration and payment., we have to wait for 1hour to get the passport. Since AKCR is very near to the office, we decided to return to hotel and rest for awhile. 1 hour is over. We went back to Jabatan Imigresen Negara to collect our pasport. Yes.. its all in a good vacation and Krabi, Thailand is waiting for us. Yahoo..

Then we go to Mini Malaysia Ayer Keroh. Its also located near to the hotel that we stay. More info regarding this place: “The Taman Mini Malaysia cultural park, located a few kilometers outside of Melaka, near the town of Ayer Keroh, is built on a singular concept of portraying the essential culture of Malaysia through its architecture and the rooted way of life of its people.  Each of the homes represents the architectural style of the 13 states in Malaysia and is decorated with various items, arts and crafts which portray the indigenous culture of each state. (from
We can say that this place quiet interesting. However, we are very DISAPPOINTED with it. It is because, the environment are  very dirty. Most of each 13 culture house is dark and dusts (they switch off the lights). What can we see? think for yourself. :(

For my opinion as a tourist, we are prefer clean and comfort place. The lake in the Taman Mini Malaysia should be clean, the culture house for viewing should be brighter and of course no dust.

After less than 1 hour in Taman Mini Malaysia, we return to AKCR and rest for a while. After Maghrib, we had dinner. The menu was 2 of Chicken Fried Rice, 1 Mushroom Soup, 1 Tomyam Soup and Orange juice. It was delicious.


We return to the room to get something…. Suddenly, there was a black disgusting frog in our room. (OMG). We inform the AKCR staff to get the frog out from our room. Huh. Relief.
The AKCR theme is Close to Nature, we guess this is a normal thing if any animals get into your room. (Even the door is closed and locked). So, if you going to stay there, better be watch out.


We leave AKCR and heading to Bandar Melaka. We planning for Melaka River Cruise. But as soon we get there, we changed our plan and go for Melaka Monorel 1st. This is because Melaka Monerel close @ 10pm and Melaka River Cruise close at 10pm.
Melaka Monorel. The ticket fee is quiet expensive. RM10 for each. Ticket for Melaka River Cruise is sponsored by Tourism Malaysia Melaka (thank you). Personally we think that Melaka Monorel is preferable to ride at night. The reason is because,the view of Melaka with lighting is more beautiful to see. After that, we try the experience by taking the Melaka River Cruise. I cruise can manage to fix about 40 people. (I think). Before getting to the cruise, we have to wait about 1 hour. Since the ticket is sponsored, we are don’t mind. Then, we return to AKCR and check out then next morning.


From what we observed, the resort are on renovation stage, but not sure how it will work out. You all tell me..

At this point, here is what i rate this resort.


Duration stay: 3D & 2N

Room type: Standard

Rate: Sponsored (Free)

Recommendation: Your last place to stay in Melaka.

Our rate: 3.5 / 10




Genting Higland, Pahang (12-15 Feb 2011)

February 20, 2011 - 4:48 am No Comments

Hi all,
It was a long time since my last visit to Genting Higland, Pahang. One of the most exciting and popular vacation destination in Malaysia that offer fun that so cool! So, to start the story, I was lucky to have a friend that offer my wife for a 4 day and 3 nitght stay at Awana Genting. On 12 Feb 2011 my wife and me and 2 my younger sister aliah and aqila and my nephew aisyah begin our trip to Awana Genting Higland. We left Banting at 10am I guess and heading to Bangi 1st attending one of my friend weeding (Hazmin). Then at 2pm, we left Bangin and heading to Puncak Alam attending another weeding (Aizah).

At 5pm I guess, we finally heading to Genting Higland! It was rain at few places during our journey and we stop at RnR Genting for prayer and refreshment. Our friend who sponsor the accommodation at Awana already waiting up there. Around 630pm we arrive at Awana Genting. My wife meet her friend and collect the key of our room. Once we enter the room… was good, complete with all the basic facilities such as TV, Astro, DVD player, cooking instrument (rice cooker, toaster, microwave , and others). The room also complete with two room with 3 queen size bed and two bathroom, one with a jacuzzi… :D Our 1st day and night there, we just stay in our room, eating and relaxing after 1 day tired traveling. We need to keep our energy for tomorrow activities!

MORNING!!!! our 2nd day at Genting. Every one really exciting especially my sister Alia. We all have a breakfast together. Then we all heading to Sky way Cable car to fly us up to Genting! Genting Sky way Cable Car is one of the longest cable car in Malaysia I guess. (they did mention in in the cable car radio, but I already forgot as I don’t pay much attention on what the radio men…just view the environment and excitement at that time). After reach there, we heading to the outdoor park. We play lots of games and do lots of fun activities. I also play the SpaceShoot (formerly know as Solero I guess). We was lucky as the wather is good with only a few seccond rain only while we are outside playing. Then at 630pm we all heading into the indoor arena for prayer and ‘lunch’ hehehhee….we go to KFC only and we all enjoy eating Nasi Ayam KFC. As usual, the food price up here are way expensive compare to normal price down there. (but much chipper compare to Berjaya Hill price…and if you are ordering teh tarik, it will cost around RM3 while Teh Ais you pay around RM5….RM2 for few cube of ice at a cool place…lol).

Ok, back to the activities. After resting, we walk around the indoor arena taking few more picture before going home. It was really tired, so I suggest if any one want to go there to having 1 day rest a day before that so then you will have enough, and bring along a drinking water! Then, we stop again for drink and about at 10pm, we all heading back to Skywalker to get down and left the Genting Fun park. We all very tired but yet enjoy the 1 day activities that we had up in Genting. Once we arrive, at our room/apartment….we all really hungry and want to have a nice hot bath before diner and sleep..We eat lot that night to ‘recover’ our energy!

Next morning, we all wakeup a lil bit late (lol..) but its ok as it was raining last night so, at 11am, it still like 8 in the morning. Having a breakfast…then my wife and I rest in the room while my younger sister and my nephew taking a morning walk nearby, posing and taking lots more pictures. It was our relax day, as we still tired. So, we plan to go out late evening. After having lunch together, we all sit watching TV while play UNO! Around 5pm, we all go to Strawberry Park. There, you can pick your own strawberry at RM6 per 100gram. They also have a mushroom farm and vegetable and flowers farm. After enjoy the nature and sweet smell of fresh strawberry, we all going home…eat , watching TV and play UNO again befour sleep.

Lat day…wakeup early and fresh. The checkout time here is at 12pm but we all get out early at 10am. After done packing, My wife meet her friend at Awana Hotel Lobby to return the key and say “Thank You!”

We all enjoy our vacation especially my wife and I as we manage to get our sisters and nephew together with us. So, tips for this vacation, remember to bring enough food as you plan to cook, bring bottle as you need to bring a drinking water while up in Geting Fun Park, schedule and plan where you want to go while you a at Genting, buy your outdoor ticket early and bring along you friends as it was fun to enjoy vacation there with lots of friends rather then go there alone as a couple. ;D

You also can go there by bus as there are lots of bus services complete with activities tickets that you can buy as low as RM47.  So, total we spent for this 4d 3n vacation = apartment(free) + food(less then RM100) + petrol&tol (RM60) + KFC for 5 people(RM70) + outdoor ticket for 5 + skyway ticket for 5 (RM235) + strawberry park(free) == total RM465 * fun vacation with families = priceless ;D

Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills, Malaysia

January 29, 2011 - 5:41 am No Comments

Colmar Tropicale is a hotel located on top of Berjaya Hill, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang, Malaysia. Relish in century old Alsace charm at this French-themed resort, settled at 2,700 feet above sea-level amidst 80 acres of rainforests. The medieval French village and picturesque surroundings will bring you back to an era steeped in culture and romance. From families and groups, to honeymooners and the pure romantics, Colmar Tropicale beckons you with enchanting grace and hospitality.

More detail on Colmar or making your reservation, you can do it online via their official website []

On 24 of January 2011 me and my wife on vacation there. We drive from Banting which is around 130KM using Lebuhraya Karak. We arrive there around 2.30pm and check in (the official check in time is 3.00pm, early check-in only if the room is available and ready). We have a few minutes rest in our room & sleep (as we plan to have a look around at night for that day).

Around 8.00pm, we get out and Then, we drive to Genting Sampah to had our diner(we want to enjoy the hill view while drive out and get chipper diner outside.hehehhe) Then, around 9.30pm, we get back to Colmar. We have a look around the Colmar to enjoy the night life there. The surrounding is nice, quiet and very good for relaxing or honeymoon getaway. We enjoy the Russian Roulette Performance. Then we take few more picture at few more nice places befoure heading to our room and sleep. (“,)

Next morning, we get ourself ready and enjoy the morning breakfast at Colmar. The food is ok (my wife love the sambal nasik lemak served there). After breakfast, we waiting for the shuttle bus for our 1st actiitie which is “posing and taking picture at Japaneses Village”. There are Botanic Garden also at that area.

After more then 4 hours there, we get back to our room for a rest. Then, at 5pm once again we taking the shuttle bus and this time, we are heading to Rabbit & Animal Park. There, we can see lots of rabbits! and of course enjoy the nice view of Berjaya Hill

At 630pm, we get back to Colmar. This time, we are not heading to our room yet. We taking few more pictures of Colmar!

Our 2nd night there, we just stay in our room and rest(after 1 day walking and posing for pictures). Our 3rd day(last day) at Colmar, we having our breakfast. Then we taking few more picture from the Clock Tower. From the Clock Tower, you can see all Colmar and Berjaya Hill. It was a nice view up there (and yes, its quite cool). We also enjoy playing pool together. There are arcade arena if you prefer a video games, SPA and Reflexology Center if you would like to feel the massage, Bakery shop, Pizza Shop and Gift Shop.

Then at 3pm, we check out. Overall, we just enjoy the good time we had with nice, cool, quiet and relaxing environment. Tips from us; bring along your camera tripod if you travel as a couple(so it will be easy to take pictures), bring some food supply if you easy to get hungry and don’t want to buy quiet expensive food up here, wear slipper for women (no high hill shoes please) , bring Anti-Mosquito Diffuser and don’t bring your office work there! Then, from our experience, the water heater in our room not working well, so you might having shower with cold water. (“<) We book early for 3D and 2N stay there including 2 morning breakfast at RM302. Thats it. (“,)

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