Ayer Keroh Country Resort your last place to stay while in Melaka.

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Salam and hi to all,

Back again with another info of another vacation that we had. This time around, we did go far…far…and very far away…. to Ayer Keroh Country Resort at Ayer Keroh, Melaka, Malaysia (and we stay at Durian Tunggal, Melaka) hehehhe. This vacation sponsored by Tourism Malaysia Melaka after I was lucky enough to get the lucky draw during Tourism Malaysia Melaka Appreciation nite at Phelia Resort last year. As Melaka is already known as a most attractive state for vacation and lots of tourism visiting Melaka every day, I was thinking for a long time ago to actually “visiting Melaka for vacation” and this is what I was looking for.


We start with the hotel where we stay… Ayer Keroh Country Resort, Getting Close to nature was located at Ayer Keroh, few KM from the Tol Ayer Keroh and very easy to find. The hotel just ok, the room old…but ok..they still renovate the rooms as what I’ve told…the staff is good..the food also good…the pool..just BAD! If you stay there…try to avoid from getting closer to the poolside…or just assume this hotel dont have any pool as they dont keep it clean enough for human to swim in it. Out of 10 star, i give 5.5 star only. Tq. For more details of this hotel, visit their website at [here]


So, after we check in,we rest a while, then we go to Jabatan Imigresen Negara as we plan to apply a passport for our next vacation on Mei.  After settle with the registration and payment., we have to wait for 1hour to get the passport. Since AKCR is very near to the office, we decided to return to hotel and rest for awhile. 1 hour is over. We went back to Jabatan Imigresen Negara to collect our pasport. Yes.. its all in a good vacation and Krabi, Thailand is waiting for us. Yahoo..

Then we go to Mini Malaysia Ayer Keroh. Its also located near to the hotel that we stay. More info regarding this place: “The Taman Mini Malaysia cultural park, located a few kilometers outside of Melaka, near the town of Ayer Keroh, is built on a singular concept of portraying the essential culture of Malaysia through its architecture and the rooted way of life of its people.  Each of the homes represents the architectural style of the 13 states in Malaysia and is decorated with various items, arts and crafts which portray the indigenous culture of each state. (from http://melakamalaysiatravel.com/?p=40).
We can say that this place quiet interesting. However, we are very DISAPPOINTED with it. It is because, the environment are  very dirty. Most of each 13 culture house is dark and dusts (they switch off the lights). What can we see? think for yourself. :(

For my opinion as a tourist, we are prefer clean and comfort place. The lake in the Taman Mini Malaysia should be clean, the culture house for viewing should be brighter and of course no dust.

After less than 1 hour in Taman Mini Malaysia, we return to AKCR and rest for a while. After Maghrib, we had dinner. The menu was 2 of Chicken Fried Rice, 1 Mushroom Soup, 1 Tomyam Soup and Orange juice. It was delicious.


We return to the room to get something…. Suddenly, there was a black disgusting frog in our room. (OMG). We inform the AKCR staff to get the frog out from our room. Huh. Relief.
The AKCR theme is Close to Nature, we guess this is a normal thing if any animals get into your room. (Even the door is closed and locked). So, if you going to stay there, better be watch out.


We leave AKCR and heading to Bandar Melaka. We planning for Melaka River Cruise. But as soon we get there, we changed our plan and go for Melaka Monorel 1st. This is because Melaka Monerel close @ 10pm and Melaka River Cruise close at 10pm.
Melaka Monorel. The ticket fee is quiet expensive. RM10 for each. Ticket for Melaka River Cruise is sponsored by Tourism Malaysia Melaka (thank you). Personally we think that Melaka Monorel is preferable to ride at night. The reason is because,the view of Melaka with lighting is more beautiful to see. After that, we try the experience by taking the Melaka River Cruise. I cruise can manage to fix about 40 people. (I think). Before getting to the cruise, we have to wait about 1 hour. Since the ticket is sponsored, we are don’t mind. Then, we return to AKCR and check out then next morning.


From what we observed, the resort are on renovation stage, but not sure how it will work out. You all tell me..

At this point, here is what i rate this resort.


Duration stay: 3D & 2N

Room type: Standard

Rate: Sponsored (Free)

Recommendation: Your last place to stay in Melaka.

Our rate: 3.5 / 10




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